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Chung Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989. Chung Sheng operates different plating treatments for different metals and industries, e.g. Zn-Ni Alloy plating of Iridescent Trivalent Chromate(Cr3+), Zn-Ni Alloy Black plating of Trivalent Chromate(Cr3+), Zn-Fe Alloy plating of Transparent Trivalent Chromate(Cr3+) and Zn-Fe Alloy Plating of Black Trivalent Chromate(Cr3+) in automotive industries, aerospace industries and biological industries in the future.  All of our plating chemicals and process meet RoHS , REACH , BNST specifications..

Chung-Sheng has Certificate of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO/TS16949 since 2006. We obtained PSA B15 4102 and Renault 01-71-002 of Zn-Ni Alloy plating Process approval from PSA Peugeot Citroën and Renault in 2009, GMW 4700 Type A Zn-Ni alloy Plating process approval, GMW 4700 Type B Zn-Ni alloy Plating process approval and GMW 3044 Zn plating process approval from General Motors in 2009. We also obtained Zn-Ni alloy plating process approval from ALCOA Fastening Systems in 2010.

*GMW 16730 Zn-Ni alloy Plating process approval from General Motors in Jan.2019.

With the entire employee group effort, Chung Sheng's product quality has won well-known recognition. In the future, Chung Sheng will not only join charity activities but also will engage a series of environmental friendly projects. We are expecting to be a green corporation in this world. Chung Sheng keeps making great efforts on getting more certificates from automotive industries to provide the best service to our customers.

Plating treatments can be done for automotive industries in ChungSheng
Zinc alloy Specifications
Chemicals Supplier




GMW 4700 

type A, type B

             ĄŻZn-Ni alloy Plating process approval 

GMW 3044
Zn Plating process approval 

GME 00252 / GMW 4205 / GMW16370

PSA  B15 4102
ĄŻZn-Ni alloy Plating process approval

ĄŻZn-Ni alloy Plating process approval

DBL-8451 / DBL-9440

TL 244

TL 153

P1242/ P1323 / P1330


GS 90010

PS - 8955

DX 551300


TSH6530G , TSH6532G


MS 611-15

STD 5732,104 / STD 121-0003
/ STD 121-0004

   Ą·Lubricant :
Gleitmo German - 603 , 605 , 615 , 627, 2145V
- Corrosil ® 415 , 417 & Rogard Lube 100 & 200

Selected certificates are listed above. There are other plating
     processes which can be done in
ChungSheng. We keep getting
     more certificates.


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